Featured Product

We just received this new product line in time for Christmas! It is of well-crafted, everyday athletic apparel with a Bible verse on the inside, reminding the one wearing it that they are loved and cared for.


We have a very unique new line of heavy duty figures: This line is extremely humbling and moving. It focuses on reminding us that Jesus is present all around us.


Our most exciting NEW ARRIVAL! Oversized Heirloom Rosaries & Crystal Bracelets: There are items in our lives that remain in families for centuries. Each Seraphym Designs Rosary & Bracelet is a timeless piece of heirloom quality. Contemporary, yet classic in design. Every piece can be cherished through the ages by all ages. They are truly stunning!



Customizable Wooden Toys: Come into Seedlings for the perfect baby gift! These are locally handmade, chemical free toys that are fully customizable. The creator of these toys will personally inscribe into them whatever text or design you wish!  



PIETRA FITNESS DVD’s: We now carry Pietra Fitness DVD’s, a unique ‘whole-person’ fitness program that integrates physical exercise with Christian prayer. Bodily prayer, sacred art, sacred music, and Christian meditation are woven into this stretching and strengthening workout so that in only one hour, you feel calmer, stronger, refreshed, and renewed. There are 3 levels of classes on DVD: Gentle, Level I, and Level II.